Modern Logistics Processes Successfully Established

One year with Nordsee: HAVI Logistics sees positive results

More than 1,100 products, 354 German stores, and three deliveries per store per week with a punctuality record of 98 percent - these figures testify to successful cooperation. Since the spring of 2012, HAVI Logistics has been the logistics partner supplying goods to the German Nordsee stores, and regards its first year with the gastronomy franchise as positive. "We have restructured distribution to Nordsee and taken over delivery of a range of goods from ultra-fresh and deep frozen products to non-food items," explains Christian Harupa, Director Business Development at HAVI Logistics. "We have optimized the logistics processes and reduced the customer's costs."

The reorganization of the Nordsee supply chain was jointly planned and implemented by the Lead Logistics Provider from Duisburg and the customer in around ten months. "The success of such a change process depends on more than the relevant expertise," Harupa says. "One hundred percent support from the customer and the commitment of the employees are essential for successful realization." And the result speaks for itself. HAVI Logistics is currently supplying products such as deep-frozen fish, baked goods, beverages, equipment and cleaning materials to the Nordsee stores. The Lead Logistics Provider has also introduced quick, country-wide, just-in-time deliveries of perishable, ultra-fresh products such as green salad and sushi. This enables it to guarantee the latest possible best before date for the products when they arrive in the stores.

Fewer separate deliveries, lower costs
HAVI Logistics makes deliveries to the Nordsee stores from all seven of its Distribution Centers and has integrated all the German branches of Nordsee into its logistics operations. While HAVI Logistics' one-stop-shopping concept has not yet been fully realized for Nordsee, it is already possible to place a single order for all the required products that then arrive in a single delivery with a single invoice. Furthermore, a new, electronic ordering platform has simplified picking and dispatch. "We have gradually introduced standardized processes that optimize workflows, and this markedly reduces the workload on the store employees," Harupa stresses. By bundling deliveries of beverages, non-food items and sushi, the logistics specialist has decreased the number of separate deliveries, thus also reducing the distances traveled and the costs of the overall system. In addition, every food or non-food product can be ordered for any delivery and can be checked precisely. HAVI Logistics also collects the empties when making deliveries. Alongside supplying the German stores, HAVI Logistics also supports exports to Nordsee stores and partners in eleven other countries, giving these customers outside Europe access to the standardized Nordsee assortment.
"Switching the supply chain over to HAVI Logistics was a major step forward for Nordsee in making its logistics and its brand fit for the future," Christian Harupa states. "We will continue to support Nordsee on this path as a reliable and experienced partner over the long term."

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